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Entry #4

Well... So let's see...

2010-01-06 10:02:39 by ZeroGizzey

Welcome Back! 2010 Ver.

So here I am back in the year 2010 (2 more years till the world ends xD), working on various projects. Still trying to get the Synth Guitar sound right. Yeah. That about sums it for me.

Not such a good start now isn't it? Anyway here is the line up of projects:

Stone Tower: Rock, Dust and Bones Mix

While fideling around with my guitar, I noticed that I some how managed to play the melody of the Stone Tower Temple. Now I am shooting for a bit more Rocky version of it. It wont be nothing fast paced, so stay tuned for that.

More Art! More Flash?!

I am in to 3D art, some of my work even applys in to flash. I am friend of 'Shoot em Ups' as seen in the pciture below. I call this contraption the IP-001 Cylux (Yeah I know I am nerd for coming up with a full model name xD). And It will be part of an Series I am calling " Idea'h Physis ". I am not sure if I am gonna get this animated, since I couldn't draw characters even if my life depended on it. So if I get some one to work with me on this (Excluding Voiceactors for now), I would galdly get this animated. So hit me up if you are interested in an Anime Styled SciFi/Action Based Story. Get at me VIA PM on Newgrounds.

Well that about wraps it up for this up date! Stay tuned!

Virutally Yours;

Well... So let's see...


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